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Hey there,

I’m back in Europe after working and traveling for almost a year in East Africa. Feeling so blessed for all the experiences past, as well as for what’s yet to come.

I’m currently finalizing a Master’s thesis for my degree on peace and conflict research and working for a Finnish feminist magazine Tulva. These projects have kept me relatively busy since my return. Some of the journalistic work I’ve done recently includes a story about Italian journalists, who are threatened by the mafia, for Finnish Broadcasting Company YLEItaly’s Lega party for political magazine Ulkopolitiikka as well as technological innovation and road traffic in Uganda for the Finland’s leading daily, Helsingin Sanomat. Recently, I also wrote about what happened in Italy during the World Cup for X-lehti and about how is sustainable, community-based tourism done in Kenya for Huili magazine.

You can read the first ones on the links, whereas the final one is attached below. 

A couple more travel stories of mine are about to be published – in Hong Kong, in the Netherlands and in Finland. 

That’s all for now, have a sunny and joyful fall!

Articles in collaboration with the following photographers:

Mafia: Joonas Brandt 

World Cup: Touko Hujanen

Lega Party: Max Hirzel

Uganda and Kenya: Adriano Candiago

Latest work

Hello there,

and happy new year 2018. I have been quiet for quite a while, which is due to some unexpected changes in my life. Last October, I moved to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, where I started working for Finnish Refugee Council. My employment will last for two more months, and I am enjoying my life here to the fullest.

I’d like to share some of my latest journalistic projects, which include stories from Italy and East Africa. My articles about Italian journalists covering mafia for the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yleisradio can be found here and for Journalisti here, while my story about the massive heroin problem plaguing the archipelago of Zanzibar for Maailman Kuvalehti is available here. Find attached also my story on sustainable tourism and a travel reportage about Rome for Matkailulehti Mondo. 

Stay tuned for more stuff coming up from this side of the world! 

Brussels bombings in 2016, news and some aftermath

On the 22nd of March, 32 people were killed and many more seriously injured in two terrorist attacks in Brussels. As I was living in the city on that time, I covered the issue for a bunch of Finnish newspapers. 

Later on I also wrote a more comprehensive story about the neighborhood of Molenbeek, which has become known in the media as ‘jihad central and an absolute no-go-zone’. I wanted to look at the area from a different, more truthful point of view. A few days after the article in Sunnuntaisuomalainen, the New York Times published a similar story… :)

My first news piece on terrorist attacks in Brussels can be found here.

Photos in Sunnuntaisuomalainen: Ilkka Penttinen

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