Travel articles for Mondo Magazine

Here’s a few examples of travel articles I’ve done lately. I am happy to have done some travel stories for change, it seems to balance out the news issues nicely.

These articles have been published in the Finnish Travel Magazine Mondo earlier this and last year. Also, you can find an online version of the Rome piece here


Namibia: Anna Tervahartiala

Rome: Heli Sorjonen

Field trip to Italy in September 2015

Ulkopolitiikka 12 / 2015

Ulkopolitiikka 12 / 2015

Ulkopolitiikka 12 / 2015

Lännen Media 9 / 2015

On a field trip to southern Italy in September, I focused on the ongoing refugee crisis. Me and photographer Andrea Vaccaro spent two weeks investigating the situation and thereafter published feature stories in Maailman Kuvalehti, Ulkopolitiikka-lehti and Lännen Media’s newspapers. 

Read the story on Maailman Kuvalehti here.

Photos: Andrea Vaccaro

Exploring Namibia and covering articles for Finnish newspapers

Keskisuomalainen 8 / 2015

Keskisuomalainen 7 / 2015

Lännen Media 10 / 2015

Keskisuomalainen 11 / 2015

Last summer, I got the chance to explore some pretty unusual landscapes in Namibia, southern Africa. 

Me and photojournalist Anna Tervahartiala covered interesting topics such as the condition of media freedom and income inequality in the country. Furthermore, we covered travel stories in different parts of Namibia. Only a few days before returning back to Europe, we were lucky enough to get an interview with Nickey Iyambo, the Vice President of Namibia. Our articles were published in Lännen Media’s newspapers and in Keskisuomalainen. 

One of the stories is still waiting to be published. I’ll let you know when it’s out, so tune in.

All photos: Anna Tervahartiala

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